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Primarily we have partnered with Amazon the world’s largest and most trusted e-commerce website available. As such we are an affiliate of Amazon.

What does “Affiliate” mean?

In essence, if you purchase a product via our website, our partners pay us a small commission, this does not affect the cost of the book or the price you pay, any commission is paid to us by our partners.


To track sales and conversions, our partners use cookies (just like any other website) These cookies allow our partners to track sales and award us payments, however, you should know that our partners will collect your personal information, just like any other e-commerce website. We choose to work primarily with Amazon because they have a very robust privacy policy of their own, and we can assure you that they comply with all data regulations, any other partners we work with will be vetted by us and must comply with all data protection regulations.

  • We do not collect any information about you.
  • We partner with carefully selected well-established e-commerce brands.
  • We are affiliated with our partners – this means we are awarded a small commission if you purchase.
  • Our partners will collect personal information for the sole purpose of executing your order.
  • Our partners comply with all data protection laws.
  • We do not spam! We do not require any of your information; our website is free to use.

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